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Hello Dear Readers!

Recently, the wonderful Loi of Tone On Tone published a post

about his most gorgeous shop in Bethesda, Maryland, Tone On Tone.

A shop that he has owned for 15 years and he had made the difficult

decision to close his shop and concentrate more on his interior design business.

I was there not too long ago and as always fell in love with all of his

beautiful antiques . . . from the furniture, to the clocks, to the mirrors,

and the gorgeous accessories. Now, he has placed his beautiful items on sale.

There was one item in particular that I fell in love with.

I will show you some photos that I took (with my iPhone) when I was there last

and maybe you can guess which piece is coming home with me.

A Birthday gift from my hubby to cover the next 10 years … or more!

Let’s start with this amazing French circa 1750 marriage/wedding armoire.

French Antique Armoire-Housepitality Designs

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Simple Winter Mantel

Lately, it seems as though I have been decorating my mantel in a more simplistic fashion

and for the most part, shopping the house keeping in mind that less is more.

I have had these topiaries for many years and they tend to move around the house often.

Today they have found their way to the Great Room mantel along with a new addition.

So today, I present my Simple Winter Mantel.

Winter Mantel-Housepitality Designs-3

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Fall Porch Gone “Plum Crazy”

I have really been attracted to the beautiful Berry colors this Fall.

The shades of purple and plum have been seen throughout the house for Fall this year.

It was fitting that I go “plum crazy” on the porch too.

Fall Porch 2017-HousepitalityDesigns

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A Wreath Is Not Only for a Door. . . A Mantelscape

A wreath is not only for a door.

You have seen them hung on walls, on mirrors, on a bookcase

or a decorative element for a chair.

So many ways that you can decorate with a wreath.

I have used my preserved boxwood wreath in a container in the past.

Today, it is in a container.

2016 Winter Mantel - Housepitality Designs

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Rudy and his Twin

Rudy has been a hit with friends, family, and Facebook.

Now he has found his twin!

Christmas 2015 From Porch - Housepitality Designs

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If You Create It, It Will Come

One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams.

“If you build it, they will come.” So I am taking that philosophy with Spring.

If you create a spring environment, it will come!

Do you hear that Mother Nature?!!

I have been sequestered in the house this week . . . I should sell tickets . . .

for people who want to skate in my driveway.

While dealing with cabin fever, I thought it was time to create Spring indoors even though my views

outdoors are of rolling hills of snow and ice.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

I grabbed my Pottery Barn lantern that was on sale and placed a vase of water in it rather than a candle

and added the tulips that were on sale at the grocery store after Valentine’s Day.

So happy that they had red tulips left!

Pottery Barn Candlesticks/Lantern-Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Pottery Barn Candlesticks/Lantern-Housepitality Designs

A bit of the unexpected of tulips in a lantern . . . this may be the standard for this item!

Sunroom flowers-Housepitality Designs

Taking advantage of the flower sale, more flowers added to the sunroom and placed on the potting bench

in the background.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

The sunroom is next to the kitchen in which I spend lots of my time as many people do . . .

so it is great to be a able to see beautiful spring flowers to lift your spirits on a cold winter’s day.

So what say you Mother Nature? . . . if we project lots of Spring in our homes, will it come?

Well, the Farmer’s Almanac is saying “No!” . . . and then The Ground Hog chimed in too.

Have a great weekend . . . I wish you happy thoughts of Spring to come!

Creating a Kitchen Vignette With New Ironstone Finds

We talked about the thrill of the hunt previously.

The thrill of seeing the item, enjoying it’s beauty, it’s character, it’s flaws.

Well I experienced another thrill of the hunt this week. Where was the hunt?

At a large antique mall in Strasburg, Virginia.

Ironstone Vignette-Housepitality Designs

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Spring Front Porch 2014

Last week was pretty exciting for me . .

~ ~ as many of you already know, my home was photographed for a shelter magazine.

This week, I shall be catching up on my “Spring To Do List” . .

~ ~ and one of them is my front porch.

If you missed my Upper Porch . . you can view it here.

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

I chose to go with lots of yellow this year…such the happy color!

(The right side of the porch)

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

The left side of the porch . .

Spring Front Porch 2014

I love filling my vintage child’s wagon with flowers . .

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

My friend Julie, a floral designer . . and my antique booth partner . .

~ ~ made these beautiful wreaths for me . .

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

I love how they look on the doors. . .

Spring Front Porch 2014

Spring Front Porch 2014

The flowering hanging baskets are in front of the master bathroom window…

~ ~ I love seeing these flowers from the inside of the house.

Spring Front Porch 2014

So happy to enjoy the flowers of Spring!

Spring Front Porch 2014

Hope you enjoyed my Spring Front Porch today . . .

Spring Front Porch 2014

And to choose to “Live Everyday In Abundance”

~ ~ for as my mom would say, “It is a great day as I woke up and saw the sun” !!!

Have a beautiful day!!

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Front Porch Dressed for Fall

I have 3 porch areas…

…..2 back porches (upper and lower) and the front porch.

I dressed the upper back porch for Fall…

…..and today, I just finished dressing the Front Porch!

2013 Fall Front Porch

I made another trip to the Farmers’ Market…

…..for more pumpkins and mums!

2013 Fall Front Porch

Good thing that there was a bit of a mum sale going on!

2013 Fall Front Porch

2013 Fall Front Porch

2013 Fall Front Porch

The right side of the doors….

2013 Fall Porch

2013 Fall Front Porch

The left side of the doors….


I brought this stack of pumpkins from the back porch to the front…

…..as I had 2 great stacks of pumpkins there…

2013 Front Fall Porch

I believe the bottom 2 pumpkins are called “Fairy Tale Pumpkins”…

…..I loved the multi-colored mums in this pot..they were on sale.. 12” potted mums…3 for $10.00 !!!

2013 Fall Front Porch

I purchased the two paisley pillows last year .. on clearance at JoAnn’s…

2013 Fall Front Porch

So there is the right side of the porch…

…..moving on to the left side.

2013 Fall Front Porch

I brought my vintage wagon back to the front porch…

2013 Fall Front Porch

Filled it with crocks, pumpkins and mums…

2013 Fall Front Porch

2013 Fall Front Porch

Added a few fall decorative pieces….

2013 Fall Front Porch

2013 Fall Front Porch

The left side of the porch…

2013 Fall Front Porch

2013 Fall Front Porch

Hope you enjoyed my front porch for Fall as much as I enjoyed decorating it!

Have a beautiful day!!!

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Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #14 {Muslin Garland Summer Wreaths and Porch}

Happy Friday!

Well, there was no Tropical Storm this week to prevent me from my Friday Feature…just a storm brewing…

…..however, I got the photos taken in time!…

This week my inspiration comes from Holly of Down to Earth Style.

She made a beautiful muslin wreath…


I did not make the entire wreath muslin…I added a muslin garland to my summer wreaths.

…..I took the easy route!


Look how gorgeous Holly’s wreath is!!



I went to Michaels one day and saw these great garlands…so the “light” went on.



I weaved the garland of fabric strips throughout my summer wreath.


June 14th is Flag Day…so I adorned my topiaries with multiple flags…




Years ago, I saw that Martha Stewart placed flags in her planters as I did….

……I loved it and have been doing this for years now.





Thank you Holly for giving me my inspiration for my summer door wreaths….

……I love your many creative projects!

And you can see many of Holly’s projects at Down to Earth Style.

Like this awesome console she made from pallets!!

1 first

Have a wonderful weekend.

Stay tuned on Sunday and find out how I got my decorating style…

…..and my passion for the symbol of Hospitality!..

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