A Quick Change Vignette And A Giveaway

My hubby rarely sits on the sofa and watches T.V.

Once he sits, he is usually sleeping in less than a minute.

However; one evening he wanted to see an event in the Olympics,

so he sat next to me and stated, “I can’t see the T.V. . . . the orchid is too tall!’

I then decided that A Quick Change Vignette was in order.

I also have a Giveaway for you today . . . details are at the end of the post.

Tulips-Housepitality Designs-3

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Just Because . . So A New Vignette Is Created

Life is full of unexpected pleasures . . or displeasures . .

Yesterday, I received an unexpected pleasure . . She said, “Just Because” . .

Tulip Arrangement

Tulip Arrangement

Tulip Arrangement

~ ~ “To make your day a little brighter” !! ~ ~

Tulip Arrangement

The gorgeous arrangement was from my sister, Carol.

Now, if you ask me, “were you surprised” ??

~ ~ Yes . . and no . .

Tulip Arrangement

Bird cloche

A dear, dear friend of mine, who has since passed away . .

~ ~ told me I was like a bird that flew into her life giving her joy . .

Today, my sister is that bird . . . why? . . . Just because . . .

Bird cloche

Spring Vignette

Tulip Arrangement

I have 4 siblings . . they are all of the mindset of “just because” . . .

~ ~ a mindset of what our parents taught us on how we should live our lives.

Tulip Arrangement

~ ~ to be generous without provocation . .

Tulip Arrangement

I have been blessed with the love of family and friends . .

~ ~ and I was a happy recipient yesterday . . of “just because” . .

Today, I am off to do something for someone . . “just because”.

Hope you have a wonderful day doing something special, “just because” !!