4th of July Flower Arrangement and Tablescape

Happy Monday Dear Readers!

It’s that special Monday when I and my very Merry

Monday Morning Blooms friends

present our floral creations set in some wonderful settings

for your floral inspiration.

Today’s common theme is The 4th of July!

Come join me along with my very special Flower Friends, Lidy, Mary, and Pam

as we bring you some great ideas for your 4th of July celebration.

Their most beautiful images and links are below.

So sit back and come along with us on this very festive red, white and blue day!

4th of July Flower Arrangement and Tablescape



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Vintage French Canning Jars – Floral Friday

Welcome to Floral Friday,

when every first and third Friday of the month my friends and I present

some wonderful floral inspiration to you for your enjoyment.

Today, it is all about flowers in wonderful canning jars.

Do you remember my French Market Rolling Basket Story?

The story of how I trekked it from California to North Carolina?

Well, there is one thing that I did not mention.

When I purchased the market basket, I also purchased  several other things.

At the time, I figured if I was going to ship this basket, I may as well fill it with goodies!

A few of them you will see today for Floral Friday. One more item remains for another day.

French Canning Jars-Housepitality Designs


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Dining Room Refresh and Changes

We decided that we should think about reducing the items on the wall in the dining room

to make it look less cluttered. So as much as I hated to, the shutters on each side

of the the bay window area came down along with the vintage brackets/corbels

and the Paris paintings that were hung next to the hutch.

I must say, that it opened up the room . . . which also led to me doing some

tweaking of the dining room hutch.

So here we go with the:


Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs-4

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Carolina Delft Tobacco Jar – Floral Friday

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the Morning . . .

A song that I learned when I was little.

A song that was sung in our many sing-a-longs in the car with my mom and dad

and all of us kids on our Sunday drives.

Today, what could be finer than flowers in a Carolina Delft Tobacco Jar for Floral Friday!

Carolina Vase-Housepitality Designs-7

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It Was More Than Just a Pen

Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I hope that you all had a most wonderful Christmas

and amazing New Year filled with the joy of family, friends and making beautiful memories.

I took a blog break to spend time with my family

 which included a trip to surprise my mom.

During the Holidays, I, like many of you, have wonderful memories

 of Christmases past.

While searching for a pen to write down an address, 

memories came flooding back of a Christmas day many, many years ago.

A memory of a kind heart.  A memory of . . .  it was more than just a pen.

Tulip Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-10

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Enjoying My Upper Back Porch Dressed for Spring

It took me two days of cleaning so that I could  refresh my upper back porch.

Although it was not a pleasant task of cleaning the furniture cushions

and the porch area of the pollen that had fallen while I was away . . .

it was worth it, as I am so enjoying my upper back porch dressed for Spring!

I adorned the porch with lots of happy Spring flowers that I purchased

from various garden centers.

Spring Porch-Blue and White-Housepitality Designs

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Peeps and Jelly Bean Vases and Bunny Ear Napkins {Tablescape}

 Today I am revisiting my Peeps and Jelly Bean Vases and Bunny Ear Napkins

that I created last year for my Dinner Group party.

I had so much fun creating this tablescape and figuring out 

how to make bunny ears out of napkins.

Jelly Bean and Peeps Centerpiece - Housepitality Designs
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An Easter or Spring Table with Jelly Bean & Peeps Centerpieces

An Easter or Spring Table

with Jelly Bean Centerpieces

was on my mind

to do for my dinner group this week.

Our dinner group consists of 4 couples and we each take a turn.

We meet 4 times a year and we have been

doing this for almost 9 years.

It is my turn and I set the table today.

Jelly Bean and Peeps Centerpiece - Housepitality Designs
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A Touch of Spring in the Dining Room

A touch of Spring in the dining room was on the agenda as my

first Spring project this year.

I had done a moss project this past summer and created another one

 that coordinated well with the items on the dining room table.

Spring Centerpiece - Housepitality Designs

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Spring Centerpiece in a Basket

I do not have a breakfast table.

We use our dining room table every day.

It is next to the kitchen and the perfect gathering place and work table.

Spring Basket Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

I have learned that I would rather have a centerpiece on the table

that I can pick up and move with ease due to this:

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

This is where my granddaughter sets up her various little houses

and creates many rooms that many a designer would appreciate!

We also have dinner here every night.

Spring Basket Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

You will notice these moss bunnies a.k.a Peter Rabbit and friends

went from the Great Room coffee table to the dining room. They are always on the move!

Spring Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

An old paper mache bunny joined Peter and his friends.

Spring Basket Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

What I will miss about Spring is the wonderful tulips

but for now, I will enjoy them as much as I can and continue buying them

until they are no longer available.

Spring Basket Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

Spring Basket Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

Bunnies, potted tulips, flowers in a vintage ironstone creamer,

a lantern, and a vintage transferware lid fill the basket with lots of color,

texture and a little bit of whimsy.

Spring Basket Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

I did not set my usual Easter tablescape this year.

We will be going to a great Inn for Easter Brunch and then home

for the traditional Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt.

Spring Basket Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

The Spring Basket Centerpiece will remain on the table along with a very casual buffet

for those participating in the Egg Hunt, both children and adults too!

I wish you all a most beautiful weekend

and a most Joyous Easter!