A Stroll Among the Flowers in the Yard

What happened to Spring? It seems as though it rolled in for a couple of weeks

and then told Summer to come on in! It has been unusually hot these past several days,

however, with the rains coming, we will get some relief with cooler temperatures.

In doing my daily watering on the porches,

I decided to take a stroll among the flowers in the yard and porches.

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs-4

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What Have I Been Up To?

I had full intentions of showing you my refreshed Sunroom for a little jump start to Summer.

It can truly double for Spring too.

Yes, Summer, as I think we may just go from Winter to Summer with the crazy weather

we have been experiencing.  However, the rain and gloomy days

have kept me from photographing the room.

So today, I thought I would give you a little bit of What Have I Been Up To?

I can honestly say that my life is always a bit on the hectic side.

There is always something going on, whether it be things going on around the house,

travels, and activities, and not to mention the occasional shopping excursions.

Let’s start with curing my Spring Fever by beginning to fluff the porches and yard.

Veranda-Housepitality Designs

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Beyond the Doors

They say it is always good to have a second pair of eyes.

Eyes that see differently ….. from a different perspective.

This is exactly what happened the day of the photo shoot

by ShowSpaces Photography.

I noticed the photographer kept opening doors. Hmmm, I thought, for more light?

The photographer stated that you need to see what is beyond the doors.

Dining room-Housepitality Designs

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The Backyard and Porches

An area of the house that I rarely show

is the rear view of the house and the backyard and porches.

Recently we put our home on the market.

The realtor’s photographer came over last week and took about 100 photos.

Rear View of House-Housepitality Designs-2

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A New Craftsman Home and The Veranda

I was fortunate to have had the pleasure of touring the  HGTV Smart Home in Raleigh, NC

and wrote several posts about the home and one of the posts states how serendipitous it was.

I met the builder of the HGTV Smart Home and discovered that they also built in the same subdivision

that my son was researching to buy a home.

To make a long story short, I told my son how impressed I was with the quality of the

Homes by Dickerson and told him that he may want to consider looking into their homes.

He did, was impressed, and bought one of their homes.

Veranda - Housepitality Designs

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I Hope He Is Right!

I hope he is right! He being Punxsutawney Phil.

I hope that he truly did not see his shadow, as I am so ready for Spring!

There have been too many days of being house bound due to the icy weather.

I long for pretty flowers and the projects of Spring.

So I can use this:

Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

The potting bench now is pretty sad looking as it is in the cold

and not adorned with flowers.

But I want to remain positive and “bee happy”

Flower Pots/Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

Happiness is rocking in the rockers on the veranda with a great glass of tea.

Veranda - Housepitality Designs

Happiness is watching the flowers grow and hoping my hydrangeas bloom this year!

Back yard - Housepitality Designs

Happy is seeing the lovely green and the hanging ferns again

and also filling the window boxes on the upper porch with spring flowers.

Rear view of house/Veranda/Upper Porch - Housepitality Designs

Vintage Schwin Bicycle - Housepitality Designs

However, in the meantime, I shall plan on creating Spring vignettes.

Spring Vignette - Housepitality Designs

Of birds and flowers . . .

Spring Vignette - Housepitality Designs

Silver and Daisies . . .

Spring Vignette of Silver and Daisies - Housepitality Designs

and moss covered bunnies.

Ironstone and bunnies - Housepitality Designs

Now the good thing about being house bound is that you get to carry out

that domino effect. Coming soon.

Are you ready for Spring or do you embrace each season as it occurs as

Mother Nature wants us to?

Have a beautiful winter’s day!

Thinking of Spring Past and Present

As soon as the temperatures started to climb,

I started thinking about what I wanted to plant . . . of the garden centers I want to visit.

With all of this crazy weather of snow one day and warm temperatures a couple days later,

one cannot think of the days of Spring to come.

The very first thing I do when there are no more threats of frost,

I head to the garden center and buy 12 hanging ferns, eight for the back veranda and

two for the front porch and two for the upper back porch. Its says, Spring has come to the South!!

Veranda-Housepitality Designs

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Potting Bench Makeover

A year ago, I created a potting bench area on the lower porch of my home.

You can view last year’s potting bench here.

It looked like this:


A vintage enamel top table that I added a skirt to . . .

~ ~ and placed a garden bench on the table as a “shelf unit”.

After a year, the skirt was looking a little sad and needed to be replaced.

Potting Bench 2014

So off to the fabric store I go . . .

~ ~ to get a “happy fabric”.

Potting Bench 2014

Potting Bench 2014

Potting Bench 2014

My potting bench . . . A place where I can fill my flower pots with pretty plants.

A place where I can store all my planting materials . . .

~ ~ neatly stored behind the gathered skirt.

Clay flower pots

Potting Bench 2014

Potting Bench 2014

A garden bench re-purposed into a potting bench shelf . . .

~ ~ holds my vintage garden tools . . that I often use!

Potting Bench 2014

Potting Bench 2014

A garden bench that was given to me by my sister many years ago . . .

~ ~ she found it at craft fair and knew I would love it . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ as the back had beautifully painted birdhouses.

Potting Bench 2014

Potting Bench 2014

The chair seat received a new pot of flowers . .

Potting Bench 2014

Potting Bench 2014

This potting bench and outdoor grill area is under the pergola . . .

~ ~ just outside the room of my craft room and my granddaughter’s space.


Where you can also have a view of this . . .


this . . .


this . . .


and these . . . one of my hydrangeas just starting to produce flowers . . .

~ ~ all covered in some “deer netting”.

Potting Bench 2014

I am ready now to get the veranda into shape with the help of my potting bench.

Hope you have a beautiful day among the flowers you love!

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Dreaming of Flowers and a Feature

For many of us, we had a break this weekend . . .

~ ~ a break from rain and cold.

However, it started again on Sunday . . rain and cold.

Today was beautiful with a cloudless Carolina blue sky . .

I can only dream of flowers that will come . . .


Like the ones in my back yard last Summer . .


Or the ones that were on my front porch in the Fall.

But for now, I have to enjoy these:

Great room flowers

Flowers from the grocery store . .

Tulip Arrangement

And flowers from a sister, “just because”….

And if you want to see some of the rooms these flowers are in . . .

Hop on over to Katherine’s Corner as she is featuring me today!

Have a wonderful day!!

Please Remember To Water My Plants….The Veranda

I am getting ready to travel to Atlanta….to HAVEN!!!

So while I am away…I am leaving instructions for hubby….

…..to remember to water my plants. I know he will!


My hubby has been working hard on planting, trimming and weeding!..

…..you know, it never ends.


Seems like the plants are just now starting to “take off”…


The deer won’t eat these pink pretties…well so far that is!


And I dare them to try and eat these!










This table and 2 chairs were originally on the front porch…moved them to the back.


The other patio set sits under the pergola..hope to expand this area….one day.


I love how the rockers give it a very Southern porch feel…

….the ferns are looking better now…they were pretty sad looking at one point…

……….when the birds were nesting in every single fern..all 8 of them!


So happy that the Lantana came back wonderfully after the freezing temps of the winter.




The entire back view of the house…the many plants he will be watering!

And he has instructions to water these too:


The ones on the front porch…


My plants in my Vintage Red Wing Crock, and Salt Glazed pottery…



But not the following:


As it is “not real”…fake…faux!

I am so looking forward to seeing many blogger friends this year at Haven…

…..and especially looking forward to staying with my friend Kim before Haven….

………..in her gorgeous French Country/Farmhouse Style home.

And, REALLY looking forward to seeing this cutie again:


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