The Power of Flowers

The power of flowers.

Flower Power as they described it in the 60’s.

They impact our lives in so many ways.

Flowers are one of the great things in life that are truly powerful.

Powerful in that they can put a smile on your face, change a mood, or

make a meal more tasty when you gaze upon the simplest of arrangements on a table.

Flowers turn a gloomy day to sunshine, make a mundane task like washing dishes

not so bad, as you look at a beautiful vase of flowers strategically placed by the sink.

I love flowers, as you all do, and always have them in my home.

Transferware Pitcher/Flowers - Housepitality Designs

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A Rusty, Crusty Schwinn

Last week while I was traveling with my hubby . . .

~ ~ I had the great opportunity to go antique shopping with Mary Alice.

It is always an adventure . . . do we shop local? . . . . Oh no, it is much more fun to travel.

~ ~ This time . . . we traveled to Hagerstown, Maryland one day . . and Carlisle, Penn. the next.

We need to start naming our adventures. . . . “Antiques Will Travel” . . .

~ ~ or, sing, “Ain’t no antique shop far enough to keep us from getting to you – – ooo”

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

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