Imitation . . . The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I think it was George Bernard Shaw that said,

“Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery,

it is the sincerest form of learning.”

And that is what I did today . . . learn . . . from some of the best.

I did it again . . . I took a magazine cover and I tweaked it for a summer vignette.

Summer Vignette - Housepitality Designs

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I Got a Kiss and a Hug Over This Antique Piece

I got a kiss and a hug over this antique piece. He loves it.

He has never reacted to an antique item that I brought home before.

Well, except for the antique wood and iron shutters in the background.

Oh, he would always say it was very nice and then ask where are you going to put it?

It is an item that I have always wished I had, admired from afar,

but never found the right one. Until Martha had her moving sale.

Antique Baker's Rack - Housepitality Designs

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Dundee Marmalade Jars and Bread Boards

I have been a little absent . . . no, not “minded” . . . but away from the computer.

Between an out of town trip and company of dear friends arriving the day after we came home.

The day after we arrived home, there was a package on my porch.

Goodies that I purchased from Mary Alice’s (Chateau Chic) Etsy Shop.

Marmalade Jars/Breadboard

Beautifully wrapped, I could not wait to open my goodies . . .

Chateau Chic

I love the way Mary Alice tied vintage keys to the package . . .

Chateau Chic purchases

And she included a wonderful surprise!

So what did I get??

Vintage Bread Board-Marmalade Jar-Creamer

A wonderful vintage bread board, marmalade jar and vintage creamer.

Vintage Bread Board-Marmalade Jar-Creamer

I also received another beautiful bread board that day . . .

~ ~ from our dear friends who were visiting. JoAnn has impeccable taste . .

~ ~ ~ ~ and you can see that soon as her home was also photographed for a magazine feature.

Bread Board

Love the beautiful details . . .

Dundee Maramalade Jar

I love this Marmalade Jar . . . I purchased another one similar to this one at Lucketts.

Vintage Marmalade Jars

I placed the marmalade jars on top of the bread board on my vintage scale.

Dundee Roughcut Lemon Marmalade Jar

Vintage Dundee Roughcut Lemon Marmalade Jar

Love the pretty font and graphics . . .

Vintage Dundee Orange Marmalade Jar

The vintage Dundee Orange Marmalade Jar purchased at the Lucketts Spring Market.

Are you wondering where the cute little white creamer went?


On the shelf with other ironstone pieces.

Dundee Marmalade Jars/Breadboard/Vintage Scale

Stay tuned to where the other beautiful bread board found a home.

Have a most wonderful day ! !

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