A Fig in a Basket

Previously, I had two plants stands in the bay window/sitting area of the dining room,

which were relocated to the master bathroom when I did a little makeover to that room.

This left a bit of a void in this area.

I thought that maybe I would like this space without anything under the vintage shutters,

however, I broke my rule (again) of less is more and decided to fill in those spaces.

My go to space fillers are plants.

Dining Room/Fiddle Leaf Fig - Housepitality Designs

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Vintage Brackets and Tole Sconces

When shopping in Pennsylvania with the lovely Yvonne of StoneGable last week, 

we spent lots of time in a booth with great architectural pieces.

Some were repurposed, some in their original state, their original beauty.

Yvonne picked up a pair of brackets, then at the last minute

she decided to purchase a different set of brackets;

therefore, her brackets went into my “buy bin.”

I was not exactly certain of what I was going to do with them; however, for now

they found a home in the dining room.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

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Adding Architectural Elements to the Dining Room

I had a space on each side of the bay window area in my dining room that needed “attention”.

~ ~ wanting something different to hang in that space.

The narrow space logically would lend to hanging decorative plates.

However, there are many plates in my hutch and hanging more would just be too much.

Me, being me, wanted something different . . . something “architectural”.


Then these came into my life . . . delivered to my front door from the State of Virginia.

The perfect solution . . . and as you will see . . . the perfect height!


The colors in the many layers of paint were perfect.

Thanks to hubby for taking time out of his busy schedule to sand them for me!. . . .

~ ~ and hang them too!



You will notice the reflections of light on the wall from my Swarovski crystals in the window.

Note to self: Take the crystals down when photographing! 🙂



I am so very happy with the new look in the room.

I am such a fan of adding architectural elements to enhance a space . . .

~ ~ whether it be new construction or vintage pieces such as these shutters.


As I gaze at the shutters . . . I think . . . hmmm . . . should I place something on the shutters?

I think my hubby was reading my mind as I stared at them . . .

~ ~ he gave me that look with a smile . . . I think that smile said . . Leave them alone!!!

Would you?….

Have a great day . . . I am off to the High Point Market with Kim.

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The Scoop

Architectural Salvage Heaven {Black Dog Salvage}

This weekend we traveled to Virginia…to the Salem/Roanoke area where my hubby had a tournament.

For a few years now I have always wanted to go to Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke…

…..however the “tournament schedule” did not lend for me to make that trip.

But on Saturday…I had some time between games and traveled to Roanoke and visited the place…

…..where you hear the angels sing as soon as you walk through the door!




You are greeted by this “knight in shining armor”


And a rocket!


The front section of the building is architectural salvage items…



Rows and rows of shutters, doors, windows…..

…..if you can’t find it there…you can’t find it anywhere…




Gorgeous tin panels anyone?


More vintage plumbing fixtures..and there was a very large section in the parking lot…

…..just filled with vintage plumbing fixtures.

I saw a gorgeous large sink that I would love to have in a future garden shed….

…..but no room in the van…filled with baseball equipment!






I am definitely going back as it is just a few hours away from me…

…..but next time…the van will be empty :).



I want that door!!!



As we were walking through the building we discovered that in the back portion…

…..there were many, many gorgeous booths of private vendors.


As we were leaving…one of the owners (you may recognize him from the show “Salvage Dawgs)

…..was inspecting a fabulous sink brought in by who I am assuming was a picker.


Stay tuned tomorrow for some great eye candy from those fabulous vendors there!!

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