My Favorite Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas & Inspiration

When I wrap a Christmas gift,

I try to keep the recipient in mind

to customize it . . . to make it special just for them.

Or to incorporate it into my decor. You may find someone’s gift

not under a tree, but most likely on a bench or table in the house.

You may find it outdoors too, as they step up to the door,

only to find the packages are for them.

Gift Wrapping Ideas - Housepitality Designs

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Another French Treasure {Antique French Coffee Grinder}

It is no secret ..


While in France during our fabulous “tour and buying trip” . .

~ ~ I found a great antique French coffee grinder in a quaint shop in Honfleur.

I was drawn to it as it was a beautiful blue . .

~ ~ I have never seen one in blue before.

Well that may be because . . .

~ ~ the lovely shopkeeper told me that the color blue on these grinders are uncommon.

Hmmm. . . loved it even more!

My sister, Betty Ann loves antiques and all things French Country.

Prior to leaving for France, it was my sister’s birthday . .

~ ~ and did not get a chance to send her a gift.


Note: Batteries, breadboard, and tea towel not included. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!!

Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #11…A vignette in a tray

Happy Friday everyone!

Today, I bring to you basket/tray vignette decor inspiration.

From the one of the Queens of Vignettes, Kim of Savvy Southern Style.

I have forever admired the way she can style a tray.

Here is my tray today…


Kim and I bought the same basket/tray at the Williams Sonoma Outlet in Georgia..a deal at $22.00.


On this post she showed it with magazines and books on her table in the sunroom.


In need some small hurricanes….remembered that I had these in a closet..

… I whipped out my ASCP Duck Egg and painted them.


I gathered some items, such as my Ralph Lauren blue and white plates…the painted hurricanes..

… swan that was a gift from a friend many years ago…


This is one of my favorite tray vignettes (and Kim’s) that Kim has posted here.


Kim uses real and faux flowers in many of her tray vignettes…


Such as this one in her gorgeous dining room.


I inverted one of the hurricanes and placed an apple under the glass…

…..topped it with a candle and moss…the other with rock and a candle.


The apples were added for that punch of color and texture…

…..the vintage tea towel is from a friend’s collection that I purchased from her.


Kim has also used fruit in her vignettes….wish I had that pretty cow!!!


I added a couple of my favorite pieces of silver..

…..the silver fork turned into a vase was a momento from the Hartstone Inn in Camden, Maine

It was a fantastic trip for our anniversary a couple years ago.

The silver pitcher I purchased from Barbara at The Treasured Home…she lives in California.

She brought it to me at the Southern Bloggers Conference…she forgot her iPhone, but not my pitcher!



This is the first time I had used Duck Egg Blue…I love it and need to buy a can of it!


My hubby said that he was glad I was painting something other than white! (He loves color)



So glad you stopped by today…..

…..I am off to Virginia!…


For the Lucketts Spring Market…and to meet up with fellow Hometalk Bloggers on Sunday at Lucketts! 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Wow Us Wednesdays


The Beautiful Color Purple….

I love hydrangeas….

They are my all time favorite flower.

They are really blooming beautifully now….

I just can’t get enough of them.

…..The more I cut, the more they bloom…hundreds of blooms.


PicMonkey Collage

The seem to start out pink and pretty shades of lavender….

…..then morph to a deep purple…

“Purple Haze”…seems to be the theme of the flowers this year….

The wire around the shrub is unsightly, but the consequence is that the deer will have it all for dessert…

…..Hubby is placing another less “unsightly fence”…well, something a bit better than this….

PicMonkey Collage

Lavenders and purples….

My hubby set out to place decorative stakes around the hydrangeas…

… replace the “green poles”….


He did a lot of clearing around the shrub….then the stakes went in….



Every homeowner’s nightmare…he hit the cable line…A quick call to Time Warner and they came to the rescue!

We were their third call that morning, of people hitting the cable, planting lovelies in the yards….


Fixed!!…Within one hour of the call…I call that great service…


So all’s well that ends well…and the hydrangeas are now happily in the house…

In these…

PicMonkey Collage

And this:


My wooden French Apple Box….


Filled with hydrangeas…sitting atop my vintage homespun tea towel….

Kim from Savvy Southern Style posted a similar box with hydrangeas…I told her we were twins!

…..Great minds think alike!



And I am always picking off the little seeds that drop from the blooms onto the tea towel….

………a small price to pay for gorgeousness on the table….



As my granddaughter would say, “they make my heart feel happy”…..

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