Elegance and A Little Rough Around the Edges

You probably heard the saying that opposites attract?

Like the characters in the movie, Lady and the Tramp,

or Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio.

Well what about exquisite Waterford

and a wonderful piece of vintage chippiness?

Winter Vignette-Waterford-Vintage Corbel-Housepitality Designs

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Family Traditions at Thanksgiving — Thankful at Home

“You are my sunshine —

—– my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey —

A song that my dad used to sing to us.

I miss that —

I miss him — especially at Thanksgiving.

We usually spend Thanksgiving at my sister’s house — in the Sunshine State.

Surrounded by family and extended family of 50 or more —

—– and an occasional person(s) who has no where to go for a Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving 2013

If we had Thanksgiving at my home..

—– it would be at this table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

With the 5 of us..

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

No..the 6 of us..

—– As we cannot forget my “sweetie’s” pine cone turkey she made as a pre-schooler.

The one that is out all year..as it makes me smile..as she was so proud of it..and gave it to me.

So maybe, for our “little immediate family” — Mr. Pine Cone Turkey is a little tradition.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

And of course to always “Give Thanks” for our many blessings.

I had napkins monogrammed in a simply stated way..

—– As I want to use these throughout the year..to “Give Thanks” everyday.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

At my sister’s home — we would not be sitting at just one table.

—– There would be many patio tables with umbrellas ..

———- all around the pool/patio area..for enough seating for 50 or more.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

There would be a simple centerpiece..

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

No Waterford candlesticks or glasses..

—– Just sturdy paper plates.

As the wonderful food that is served (my sister is a gourmet cook)..

—– Tastes just as good, if not better on “Chinet”

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

The food is served from large buffet warmers..yes, she has many of them!

—– And after the blessing .. we all cannot wait to enjoy the magnificent food..

———- that has been lovingly prepared by the family.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

Thanksgiving was my Dad’s favorite holiday.

He said it was a time for family to give thanks for our many blessings, especially of family.

My dad would always say .. “if I won the Lotto, the first thing I would do ..

—– is to have a table made so all of us could sit together at one table at Thanksgiving..

———- or any dinner for that matter” .. That would be a really BIG table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

A table where there is always laughter .. much about reminiscing of the past ..

—– the many stories of us 5 siblings.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

During the time when we are all preparing to place the main course out in the buffet warmers..

—– we are all munching on appetizers..

———-And participating in the traditional “Turkey Shoot”

Yes, we have a turkey shoot — Well we shoot at a large target with a turkey paper plate set in the middle.

My dad was competitive and always wanted to win — I remembered the day my sister beat him.

He was not a happy camper .. but usually it is my brother that wins.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

My sister always has trophies made for the winners of the Turkey Shoot..

—– and when my dad passed away, the trophies have my dad’s name on them..

———-the “Memorial Turkey Shoot”

My dad always looked forward to that Turkey Shoot every year.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

As I am enjoying my dinner with family and extended family and friends..

—– I get a little “weepy” as I look around and notice the missing family members..

———- that have passed on .. I miss all of them terribly .. but I know they are with us.


My little sister got married a year after my dad passed away..

She decided to get married on Thanksgiving Day.

A day she knew that was so special to my dad.

They got married in my sister’s back yard — among the many tables — of our family and friends.

It was a bittersweet day.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

After the “main course”.. we all pitch in to clean up ..

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

And prepare to bring out the many wonderful desserts..

—– but between dinner and dessert .. we bring out the football.

And the game of rag tag football begins.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

Weather permitting..there are also short plane rides..

—– My sister and her hubby live on acreage with a private landing strip.

Antique Tin Mold Floral Arrangement

After football and plane rides — we gather together again.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

To eat dessert and lots of laughter.

Mom's 88th Birthday Party Invitation

My mom’s birthday usually falls a couple of days after Thanksgiving…

This year is a very special birthday .. she will be 88 years young (she can runs circles around us)

In the Japanese culture, your 88th birthday is monumental as it means “Double Infinity” 88

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013

So I shall end this post with one of the many things I am thankful for..

—– Memories of Family.

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving making memories that you will treasure forever.


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